Tips for traveling with Food Sensitivities

Traveling is hard for me - finding places that are gluten free, dairy free, and corn free is HARD!  But I really enjoy travel soooo I figure out how to make it work with my food restrictions. I really have to prep myself for any sort of trip I take. Things I have to do while planning and before I leave -

  1. Pack snacks - lots of them.  

    1. This could include meat sticks, nut butter packets, tuna pouches, pre-cut veggies, lunch meat, or pre-made meals in a small cooler if i know i will have a refrigerator where I will be staying.

  2. I google gluten free/ vegan places to eat near where i will be staying. Depending on the city this can be difficult.

    1. PRO TIP: I have found that vegan places tend to have a really good grip on food sensitivities and know how important proper food handling is!

  3. Tell people you will be traveling with or who you will be meeting with about your food restrictions. This helps everyone plan ahead!

  4. Go to the grocery store when you arrive at your location. If you cant travel with certain types of foods grab them when you land!

  5. Book yourself a place that allows yourself to cook your own meals. Like an Airbnb or VRBO.

Traveling to countries that don't speak English is a whole other ballgame. You will have to do a lot more research when it comes to where to eat and what to eat.

  1. I write down my food allergies in the language of the country I am visiting.

  2. I try to stay at a place that would allow me to cook at least one meal a day. So i would pack lots of non perishables and try to find other things at a local market or grocery store.

  3. I try to be flexible and gracious.

    1. Most people are very willing to help if they can understand my needs.

    2. I also understand that I will not be able to eat at every restaurant and that's ok. This is where you need to be flexible and eat one of the snacks I packed and just roll with it.

My #1 Rule I always follow: It’s better to be safe than sorry. If I think I will get sick from the food I would rather pass on the food and be hungry than get sick and be out for the count the rest of the trip.